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Orthopaedic Trauma

Mr Donohue is happy to treat orthopaedic trauma. He is very experienced at treating fractures. His work at the Alfred Hospital, the busiest trauma centre in the Southern Hemisphere, keeps him up to date with the latest developments in trauma care.

Orthopaedic trauma care involves the management of injuries to bone and joints. Bones can be fractured by accidents. Joints can be injured with bony or ligamentous injuries. Football, netball, motor cars and motor bikes may result in injuries. Often fractures and joint injuries require surgical intervention. More simple fractures can still sometimes be dealt with in plaster or splints.

Fractures are often best treated by an ‘O.R.I.F.’. This stands for “Open Reduction and Internal Fixation”. An operation is performed to reduce the fractured bone back to the original position and to hold the bone in place with metal. This may involve Titanium plates and screws or Titanium rods or nails.

Mr Donohue assesses every patient with an injury by taking a thorough history and examining the patient. Xrays are performed. Sometimes other scans such as MRI scanning may be necessary.

No two injuries or fractures are the same. Mr Donohue will individualise the treatment based on the history, examination and xray and scan findings. He will discuss treatment options with the patient. The natural history of the injury is discussed. Risks and benefits or surgery will be explained. Surgery may need to be done acutely, particularly for fractures. Sporting injuries however, may be treated in an elective manner.

Physiotherapists are very important in the rehabilitation post injury. They will be involved in the patients treatment both in hospital and as an outpatient. Sometimes many months of rehabilitation are necessary to gain optimal recovery from an injury.

Mr Donohue reviews trauma patients at regular intervals until they have recovered. He and his nursing staff are always available should there be any patient concerns.


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